SEO Audit Services

Your website your ship and the links you develop are your anchors… your main support system that allows your ship to stay afloat amidst the threatening currents. You need a strong support… a sturdy anchor to keep your website going sturdy and build upon the audience. To be sure of the response your website is generating and to receive full benefits of your strategies for link building, you need to identify all potential issues your site might be facing.

An SEO Audit can help you identify all such issues.

At Yaspire, we offer you the best and most efficient technical SEO audits. But before we begin, lets give you an insight…

What happens during an SEO Audit?

During an SEO Audit, we analyze your website comprehensively and search for all issues, significant and less significant ones that could be having a negative effect on your search engine rankings.

And everything else that you need to be checked to help with your search engine rankings and online presence. We have given you a basic list but it can be altered or customized to suit the issues you might be having with your website.


At Yaspire, we offer comprehensive technical SEO audits which look at but aren’t only limited to:

URL structures (all sites and subdomains)

Major technical issues

Major redirecting issues

Major code issues

Design implications and its potential SEO efforts

Internal linking strategy

External linking strategy

On page SEO factors

High risk crawl issues

High risk content duplication issues

Unique factor when your website is dynamically driven

Keyword research and comprehensive analysis

Current analytics data


Mobile optimization

Blog optimization

Current search engine indexing

Site architecture

Social media presence as per your search engine rankings

Threats to link preservations

Site speed

Site technologies

Google search console data and errors

Social signal impact

We Offer Customized Services

At Yaspire, you will not receive generic services. We give each of our client individual attention and therefore we will identify major threats and risks posing especially to your specific website only. Our audits will be done manually. At Yaspire we don’t run our customer’s website through a generic software and give you a list of potential issues. Our technical team analyzes each and every aspect of your website manually so that you get a custom made the exclusive report by our staff.

What we deliver?

Once our experts have finished analyzing your website, we will give you a comprehensive report, listing each and every issue and discovery made from your website in great detail. All problems will be  implementation. Our reports are user-friendly and are designed with priority indicators.

Once you have gone through our provided reports, you can discuss your issues and our findings with one of our team experts and address any questions that you might have regarding your analysis report.

Pricing Structure

We understand that each website is different and is faced with its own set of unique challenges. So if you are in need of a comprehensive SEO technical audit, let us know and we’ll offer you a pricing package.

Get Started Right Away!

If you are in need of a technical SEO audit for your website, contact us today. our customer’s representative will let you know of our availability. We will give you a free quote and design a customized audit for your website.

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