Google Adwords Management Services

When it comes to delivering traffic to your website, PPC advertising takes the top position. And since Google is responsible for two thirds of searches conducted around the world, there isn’t a better PPC advertising tool than AdWords. This is because Google AdWords place your website on a very prominent place for searchers and also allow you to test your keywords accurately in lieu of your current SEO strategies.

There is a raging competition in the market and you need to have your place defined. PPC management is as essential to your online marketing strategy as breathing is to living. Ads and other Google driven tools base their results on high volume keyword searches. These keywords are no doubt very expensive. You need a strategy that balances your online appearance on search engine result pages and that can be achieved by combing a high number of low volume keywords and embed them into an effective PPC campaign.

Why Use Yaspire for Google Ads Management? ?

We don’t cut corners on your account – and we give it the time and attention it requires to manage properly.

We’ll log into your account daily and make changes (spending at least 20 minutes per day) in your account, writing ad copy, disabling non-performing ads, adding news ads to be split tested, tweaking bids.

The most ‘conversion-savvy’ and ‘commercially-savvy’ Google Adds Management Team.

Being able to optimize a Google Ads account for cost-per-click is one thing, but ultimately, the very best goal is to optimize for revenue or profit. Think about it. Would you rather have an account with cheap clicks but no revenue, or an account with slightly more expensive clicks that makes your company more money than it costs, every single day? If you want to squeeze every last drop of performance out of your Google Ads account, we’re your team. This means a lot more work (so a lot of agencies won’t bother).

One of The most technically savvy Google Ads management teams.

Can your current Google Ads agency write code to use the Google Ads API to import offline conversion data straight into your account from your CRM? Probably not. What about correctly attributing, monitoring and tracking inbound phone calls from Google Ads? Does your current agency have their own in-house software tool for A/B testing ad copy and spinning up new creative? No? You might want to try the Yaspire experience.

What Yaspire offers in its Google AdWords Management Services?

Keyword discovery and selection

Ad text creation

Optimization of landing pages

Conversion tracking

Call tracking

Ad submission

PPC Monitoring

PPC Cost Management

Campaign Improvement modification

Competitive research

Landing page development and improvements along with additional service

What we deliver?

You offer our clients monthly reports analyzing the success of the AdWords campaign including impressions, clicks and also conversions. If you have any queries regarding the report or want to discuss solutions in detail, we also schedule a one hour call with our experts to guide you thoroughly and answer any queries that you might have.